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Console users rights management

Hi All,

We're planning to install PDQ Deploy in our company and give access to 5 or 6 admin.

I've created the accounts but I see that every user are FULL ADMIN on the console...

Is there a way to limit some console users to a certain collection/target list ? And is it possible to limit users so they can deploy software but can't create/modify packages ?

Thank you for your help 😃




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  • Currently PDQ Deploy doesn't support role based access control.

    My workaround is settings up 2 PDQ Deploy servers:

    PDQ Server1 for the helpdesk team with a service account only works on desktop/laptop. PDQ Server2 for the server team with a domain admin service account.

  • Hi, I was wondering if PDQ evolved and if it's now possible to do as Yannick requested?

  • Not yet. We're still looking into it, but I have no ETA on when it might happen.

  • Are there any other solutions besides setting up two Deploy Servers?  Surely others out there are concerned about turning the power of PDQ Deploy loose?  Especially if a small modification is made to a package that isn't communicated to the other admins....when executed could be catastrophic results due to a switch or other config that wasn't setup correctly.


    For example someone may think that it is ok to install the latest/greatest ".net" package. Typically would be pretty harmless unless you have specialized software that requires a specific version

  • Is there an update to this request? I would like to do this as well.


  • Any update on this. Searching Community Posts and Google lead me to not much and the only item specific to what I need is this post. 

    Hopefully someone will respond.

    I guess I'll also open a support case.

  • Bump! We really need this!

  • Any updates on this?