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Issues running Commands

We just got started with PDQ Deploy at my place of work and while I'm busy building out our deployments, I've run into an interesting issue.

So the machines we're deploying onto are not joined to our domain and whenever I try and run something via the command functions that references an item on our network shares, I get an error advising my username or password is incorrect. This is a bit of an issue as I'm trying to build out an Autodesk deployment for a client that uses 4 different versions of the software.



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  • Is your network share set to allow "everyone" read access at both NTFS and share level ?

  • No, not "everyone" but \Server\Users is allowed access, it's been a while since I've had to play around with NTFS and Shares but shouldn't that be enough?

  • You may get authentication error when non-domain joined computers try to access domain joined resource.

  • That's an issue then as we're a MSP so almost all the machines are non-domain joined. So really our only option is to allow Everyone read access at Share and NTFS? Or would we be able to create a local admin account on the server as well as the machine and see if the creds will pass through?

    Also, would the permission need to be just "Read" or "Read and Execute"?

  • Actually you give Everyone full access at share level and lock it down at NFTS level with Read/Execute permission.

    Since you are a MSP, it would be simpler to setup a dedicated/non domain joined file server for PDQ Deploy.

    Alternatively you could also setup Chocolatey Server and run it via Choco Install

    PS. There are few causes of user name, password error in PDQ. Once you get file share setup, you may want to check the KB below to see if it's caused by other settings.

  • The dedicated/non-domain joined server isn't a half bad idea, unfortunately it's not a viable option for us, neither is the chocolatey server. I'll have to look into it more but you've given me something to go on, thanks


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