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Feature Request - Delete Schedule After use

I'd like the ability to have a schedule delete itself after it's use. My schedules pane is getting cluttered with single use schedules and it makes it a bit of a chore looking for actual recurring scheduled deployments.



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  • we have been fighting the same thing here, We recently went through and named our schedules per application and deleted everything blank. A few QOL changes with schedules would be a handy change down the line.

    I was thinking that being able to batch edit triggers of schedules would be handy.

    Our schedules use to be only tied to PDQ Inv old software Dynamic Collections and triggered with a heartbeat. In the past heartbeat had been quite unreliable with any quick booting system. SSDs and all. (not sure if it's tied to the agent coming online yet) We decided to set up timed deployments as a catch all. I then learned that you can't select multiple schedules and add a common trigger time.

    Or (and I know I've beat this to death) the option to right click a machine and trigger the heartbeat pending deployments. I know you can check for heartbeat but have this actually kick off the check in with PDQ Deploy for pending deployments. right now we do some weird restart-netadapter * then trigger the heartbeat twice thing.

  • Can't say I have had issues with the heartbeats so much. However when I have to make bulk edit's I export to XML and then copy and paste the triggers that I want in the schedules I want and then re-import them. It's not the perfect workaround but it is doable in a pinch. It's how I set up a bunch of our dynamic groups in inventory because the copy\paste function in inventory can get a little buggy sometimes.