Windows 10 Pro Version of Cumulative Updates



  • Brandon Elliott

    I'd recommend watching the PDQ videos on Youtube for getting started. You'll have to use the silent install parameters for any install packages you run otherwise they'll just hang until they abort.

    For a .msu the silent parameter is /quiet, and generally you probably want the /norestart parameter as well. A lot of the time, PDQ has your back and automatically puts those parameters in the Command Line section for you.

    Not familiar with Windows Pro, but are the cumulative updates actually any different? The updates they upload are basically the standalone installers from the Microsoft Update Catalog for the different feature versions of Windows 10.

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  • Steve Carlisle

    Did you ever figure out why the Pro updates weren't successful?  I'm running up against the same issue.  For Enterprise it works w/o issue.  All of the Pro instances come back as "Update does not apply" even though they are missing the same updates.

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