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Application Usage

Does the new Agent with Inventory have the ability to see the last time an application was opened? Trying to do an audit and track usage for licensing.

Thanks! Chris



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  • I would kill for something like this. I'm using Applocker to track launches, and then filtering them out, poorly, using a badly written powershell script.

  • I Have made feature request to Chris (PDQ) .. In our school win7 machines there is some programs that would be nice to meter... used or not. example I found, but donno how to use: Hope we'll have that asap 😃

  • -UP-

    Any news?

  • Sorry, nothing to report. We have a large list of features already planned out, so feature requests can take a very long time to make it onto that list.

  • Colby,

    Any movement on this?  Old post I know so sorry for resurrecting it but would love this functionality.  Currently looking for a solution for this very issue.  I know we could probably enable some logging in windows and was hoping there was a slick way to pull that into a report in Inventory.

  • Sorry, but I no longer work for PDQ.


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