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Dynamic Collection to show computers with all local users disabled


Hope someone can help.

We have around 20 computers that have accidentally had all their local users disabled. I'm wanting to create a dynamic collection to show me them all but whenever I try it shows me all the computers which have at least 1 local user disabled.

Any idea how I can narrow it down to show me computers where all the local users accounts are disabled?




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  • All Local User>Name>Contains>somename etc or Equals Administrator etc or some expression ^(Administrator|Guest|admin|user)$

    Disabled>Is True

    start with those maybe

  • Maki: Hmmm I tried using

    Local User>Name>Matches expression>Value is what I pasted below


      ^(Administrator|Guest|admin|user)$Disabled>Is True


    Doesn't seem to work, is the syntax correct? I'm not very good with SQL etc and haven't have found much information in the PDQ faq. Just want to make sure I have the spaces correct etc.

    I'm basically just trying to get a list of machines that have a disabled local admin account