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Deploy/Scan User Account is showing a large number of logins in Domain Controller

We have recently started using PDQ for some automated deployments of software and configured the schedules with only start timer and then a heartbeat. The deployments are going fine and seem to be working amazingly well. We have both deploy and inventory so we have the system do a scan afterwards to update a dynamic group so that we can still see which machines need to get the software update.

I have seen in our logging software on our domain controller that we are getting upwards of a few hundred logged requests using the deploy and scan credentials per second. The way the login requests are being recorded is that it is coming from our local PDQ server running both Deploy and Inventory in enterprise mode and the logins are always a success.

Did I configure something incorrectly or am I missing something that would be causing this? I mean in the last 24 hours I have 462,569 successful login requests alone.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Current Versions: Inventory 15.1 Deploy 15.2