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Computer will not become online

The laptop that I am trying to deploy to will not show online in Inventory. The computer is right next to my main computer and it is turned on and fully updated. The firewall ports have been configured correctly and it was online in Inventory one time, but now will not become available for deployments anymore. I am able to connect with remote assist and running remote repair passed all test. It may be something to do with the network as I am not able to ping this computer and running nbstat in the command prompt returns errors. Please help!

Update: It was an issue with the PC. We had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and it started working after that. Thank you all for your help!



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  • This sounds like a DNS or firewall issue. You mention the firewall ports are open but you cannot ping it, did you follow this guide? How did you confirm the firewall ports are open? Can you ping the device by IP address or hostname?

  • Is your laptop domain joined ? If it's domain joined try restart "NlaSvc" service on the laptop.

  • As a 'sledgehammer' approach, you can delete it from PDQ then allow the AD sync to re-add it. That may not solve the underlying problem but it might help in troubleshooting if the problem re-appears.