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Dynamic Collection - Excluding executable


I am attempting to create a dynamic collection that includes computers with the executable "VISIO.EXE" while excluding computers with the executable "WINPROJ.EXE" but it still includes computers that have both.

For reference, here are the filters that I have applied: enter image description here

I have attempted to do this through Application filters but I get the same results.

If someone could give me some guidance or suggest any other methods, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading.



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  • Your first line in the filter is checking to see if there are files that are not named WINPROJ.EXE. Not checking to see if there is no file named WINPROJ.EXE

    Try this:

    (You can leave your path entries the same, I just didn't make the effort to add to mine, since I wouldn't expect to see files with those names in any other location)


  • GrantG,

    I feel silly for not realizing this. I appreciate your help!

    Also, the reason I have those paths are to detect computers that have Visio x86 software architecture. Otherwise, I could get systems with Visio x64.

    Thanks again,