Feature Request - Nest package by dragging it into another package



  • GrantG

    Sounds useful to me too.

    A possible workaround until then: you can multi-select packages from your library list, and on the other pane, there is a "Create new package nesting these packages"

    In fact, as a secondary feature, I request that when creating/editing a package, while adding nested packages, you be able to multi-select them there as well.

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  • Philip Burton

    Thanks for the workaround suggestion. I had totally forgotten that option existed. For my particular use case, I don't think that would be a good idea because my MDT server runs a PowerShell command that calls that specific PDQ package by name, so unless I delete the PDQ package every time and then "Create new package nesting these packages" and use the same name, it wouldn't help. I think your workaround would be fine if I could trust the people doing the deployments to delete the current package and name the new one the EXACT same thing that the old one had been called, but I don't think I can count on that happening.

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