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How to remove PDQ inventory scanner files from workstations / servers ?

As per the subject, how do I remove the C:\Windows\AdminArsenal directory and sub-directories from workstations and servers?

I scanned the wrong OU. I need to remove all traces of PDQ from the workstations and servers. 1200+




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  • PowerShell is your friend:

    Remove-Item -path "C:\Windows\AdminArsenal" -recurse
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will script it.

    For the developers: Please include this function when you delete an object from the inventory.

    Leaving the files there is causing more issues than I hoped for. Our machines are heavily audited and some of them require lenghty CR processes to make any changes. (I have some explaining to do)

  • Just curious, when you saying issues, do you mean auditing issues or did it cause issues on the computers themselves?

  • The app works great. We have strict auditing for validated machines in certain OU's. Everything is logged so I can't make changes without CR's in place.