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Default notifications

Is there a way in PDQ deploy set all packages to have the default notifications to something other then DO NOT SEND so that we do not have to remember to select this when deploying a package?




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    I push a lot of software a few at a time, so I click Deploy now, enter a few machines, hit enter again to deploy. I think of turning on notifications too late...

  • Our system is setup to not send notifications after deployment. So it should be possible, but I do not recall how. Maybe that was a setting in a previous edition that got removed in the later versions.

  • You can allways create a "dummy" package "ALL DONE" with CMD command like

    echo "Job well done"

    then deploy it on the machines and dont forget to check the notification checkbox ;-) As the queue empties, you'll be notified.

    P.S.> As for the notification after deployment itself, as far as i remember the pckage preserves the last selected state. So if you deploy with notification turned off, the next deployment of the package will have the same state.