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Package library "this package is corrupted"


I'm getting an issue with the PDQ Deploy package library where every time I try and download a new package I get the following error "This package is corrupted, please re-download". The package downloads but has a size of 0KB and has no steps. Packages used to work just fine.

I changed our repo location recently to run off a network drive rather than the local server, but all packages have still been working, including those that were originally from the package library.

Are there any settings that need to be updated to enable the package library to download after changing the repo location? I'm running PDQ Deploy 16 Enterprise



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  • Make sure your Background Service user (Options --> Background Service --> User) has permission to write to the new Repository location.

  • The background service user definitely has read/write privileges to the network drive. The error I'm getting is now different, it's changed this morning for whatever reason - "

    I've just tried changing the repo back to the old local location and am still getting the error

  • It looks like version 16 is incompatible with recent changes we made to the Package Library. I will ask if this is something we can fix, but I highly recommend updating to the latest version. We just released version 18 of both products:

  • Thanks Colby, I actually just updated to v17 this morning and it's now working. Thanks for the help :)