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Uninstall Visio Premium 2010

Hi Everyone,

I need your help. I've been trying to uninstall the 2010 versions of visio and project for 3 days and I don't get it. I have tried to do it using the PDQ inventory uninstaller, creating an .xml and a .bat but I can't, can you help me?.

Thank you.



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  • If you right click the application and choose uninstall, it should show you the command to uninstall. If it is a .exe, be sure to include the /S or it will not work. If it is a .MSI be sure to use /qn or it will not work. If neither of these work, you may have to use the Microsoft method:

    setup.exe /configure uninstall.xml

    You will have to configure the .xml file for the correct product.

  • Hi Brodiemac,

    Thank you for the help but this don't working for me, i put the /S parameter and nothing (is a .exe). Setup.exe /configure don't work because i don't have the setup.exe correct.