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I want 'folders' in PDQ Inventory the same way I have 'folders' in PDQ Deploy

Yes, I realize that there isn't much difference between what I'm asking for and using a collection as a root level folder (which is what I currently do), but I want the icon for an organizational folder to look like a folder- imagine if the 'folder' icon in PDQ Deploy was the same as the icon for packages, leaving no visual distinction between the two.

Heck, I'd even be OK with just letting me change the icon for a root level collection so it LOOKS like a folder, but I would much rather you implement some sort of 'organizational folder' concept that would pass everything through it, so you could even nest a folder inside a collection.

To be clear, I am asking for something that I am aware is probably 100% cosmetic, but is intended to improve the "what am I looking at?" part of using PDQ Inventory.

This is a half-baked request, but I hope someone at PDQ reads it and says "hmm........ ya know....."



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  • You want to change the collection icon to folder? There isn't a direct folder icon, but there is something similar. Right-click, view, item appearance (Ctrl+Shift+F2)


  • how did I not know about this

    this is literally all i wanted

    it's .... beautiful 😹😹😹😹😹

  • Glad to help. You can also use the same icons for Deploy. I think it will only apply to the logon user.

    Admin 1 can set the icons and they will stick after login and reboot.

    Admin 2 will not see the set icons that Admin 1 selected.

    The same collection can have different icons. Admin 1 can set Collection A to be an apple, while Admin 2 can set Collection A to be a dollar sign. Not sure if this is a bug, but I'm the main admin that manages PDQ in our environment, so it never bother the other admin that uses it.