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How to silently install Mini.Diagcab file via PDQ deploy

Hello All,

I'm new to coding/PowerShell world so I don't know much on what to do when it comes to using Microsoft easy fix to silently install on a computer via PDQ deploy. I'm an Information Technology intern for a company and this is my project, to find a way to silently install fix on our client computers. I look everywhere on the internet but no luck, maybe one of you gentlemen can help me. Thank you in advance.



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  • Microsoft already provided registry key info, just build PowerShell script with New-ItemProperty and run it as the "Logged on user".

    mini.diagcab is not same as .diagcab, I am not sure if you can run it with "MSDT.exe /Cab"

  • The only problem with the fix is that it has to be applied per user, so you have to apply it either via a logon script or directly through group policy. The text already states that you have to check the Group policy for it beeing applied.