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How do I change multi PC's (in Domain) local's administrator password

Hi...I have PDQ Enterprise....Server 2012 Domain Controller and approx 500 PCs and laptops running Win10 Pro (all in Domain). I have PDQ Enterprise running on one of my DCs and also the Domain admin account.

I need to reset the local administrator password of all my Windows machines. Please advise.



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  • I agree wit @Wei in that this should be done with LAPS. It's going to be far more secure than a one time set-it-and-forget-it. The passwords are regularly and randomly changed and recorded in Active Directory so only admins have access to them.

  • You can do it with PowerShell or setup Microsoft LAPS to rotate your local admin password.

    $Admin_Account = Get-LocalUser -Name "Your_local_admin"
    $Admin_Account | Set-LocalUser -Password $New_Password
  • There are reasons as to why we have PDQ deploy & PDQ inventory enterprise (licensed) of it is that there are logs.... Then also we can monitor which machines have changed.....

    To do remotely, how to set powershell commands for 12,000 machines ??

  • Step 1, Create your code and test it locally Step 2, Build package with your code Step 3, Test your package with a small target list Step 4, If everything works out well, you can do the production roll out to all your 12k machines with a scheduled deployment in PDQ Deploy.

  • Just tested 4 phun freeware "NetWrix Bulk Password Reset" and changed 10 000 PC admin accounts

  • Yoh, i've created a post to do this, i hope it's not too late for you. Can help others.

    I present it for PDQ Inventory tools, but it's just a Powershell script.


    Enjoy :)