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Create report from return codes

I am using Windows update powershell script to install/check for updates on our machines. A return code of 0 means there are no updates, and a return code of 3010 means there are updates available. I am trying to figure out if it is possible to have a PDQ report run to say which computers had the 3010 return code.




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  • Hello!

    You can run a report on your Deployment which might give you the information

    enter image description here

    In the report, select Edit and change the Report Details to suit, below is my example, PowerShell returned error code 1 on the failed targets. In my case, this error for me means the users selected not to reboot at this time.

    enter image description here

    Hope it helps!

  • This did help! Not in the expected way though.

    Seeing the failed error codes in your report got the wheels in my head turning, so I removed the success codes from my package and the package will run and "fail". It will show the error code in the Targets pane. This works for me since the script still runs and displays the error code in an easy sortable/filterable way.

    Target example Thanks!

  • Whaoo! Glad it helped in some way 😃 Hopefully, more detailed reports for Deploy to come in future