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Feature Request - Archive Asset

I would LOVE if I was able to "archive" an asset in Inventory. Basically, when we replace a PC, I'd like to keep the record of the old computer for potential future reference. The record would be locked (to allow naming the new PC the same) and "hidden", maybe have a report or dynamic group of archived computers.



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  • This would be very useful.

  • 1 year ago, still would be a nice feature that should not be very hard to put in

  • Has anything like this been implemented since then? I don't want to delete our old machines, but I do want to hide them from the dynamic groups by default.

  • Not to my knowledge.  It's a 100% must feature to add in my opinion.  I realize that they are shooting for a live inventory program, but having a history is huge.  And like you said, I want to hide them from my dynamic groups, so they are not showing as being out of date and cluttering the group.

  • Hello,

    again a year later....

    I also think that this feature would be important in order not to lose historical entries.

    is a PDQ employee listening here??? This feature should be easy to implement, shouldn't it?

    best regards



  • PDQ seems to view themselves as a "live inventory" service.  Not sure they have plans for this, unfortunately.  It's a shame really.