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Onboarding new computer

I am starting to look at PDQ for my windows devices after being on JAMF Pro with my macs for a bunch of years. One of the things the JAMF Pro will do is if I set up a new device that is in a group (like HS Staff) and I have a deployment set to go to that group it will grab it automatically. Is there a way to deploy things to groups in PDQ or would I have to add the new computer to all of the necessary deployments when I add it?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks!



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  • Yes, you can setup auto deployments based on AD Group membership of the computer object.

  • @Gtown69

    I see that I can make dynamic groups from in PDQ Inventory based on AD Group and thats really slick. However, When i go into PDQ deploy it doesn't let me select the group to deploy to, but rather I have to choose the computers inside of the group. Is that what you are referring to, or is there something i'm missing? If that is the case when I add a new computer i'd still ahve to go into each schedule and add the new computer manually.

  • When deploying, click the "Choose Targets", "PDQ Inventory", and you can specify collections.

    Or similarly on a scheduled deployment, go to the "Targets" tab, and click the "Choose Targets", "PDQ Inventory"

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