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Group Based on HDD Partitions

So, I'm trying to solve a problem, but I'm not sure if PDQ has the capability that is needed.

Basically, we have a lot of computers with partitions that could be expanded and are filling up. The reason for this is the way we currently lay down images. The program we use just uses the initial partition size and doesn't expand it. Long story short, a lot of our older student computers are maxing out their 40GB partitions on 80-120GB hard drives.

I know I can expand hard drives easily remotely, but finding ones that need it done is the issue since we have 2000+ computers. If there a way to set up a dynamic group that would pull in computers with this need?

Thanks in advanced for in help.



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  • If you look in the Collection Library under hardware, you can see there are two pre-configured collections; C: less than 10% and c: less than 20%. You could start there.

    I currently don't have any machines scanned with unallocated space so I'm not much help with that part of it.

  • Yeah, this was my best bet. Thank you.