Reboots getting stuck on status 'Running (reconnecting)'

When using reboots in PDQ Deploy and using even a 10 minute timeout my test packages (just a reboot for example) fail even though the computer reboots properly in less than a minute. The next 9 minutes is just reconnecting.

What are some things I should look for? Everything else is fine as far as I can tell because I can send another package to it just fine and everything else in a package that has a reboot after works.



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  • Hi Cory,

    Could you try using a command step with the restart command in your package, instead of the reboot step to see if it reconnects after that

    shutdown -r -f

    success codes I use 0,1605,3010

  • Using that method I get a successful 20 seconds or so in, then the computer reboots. Trying another step after I get reconnecting (that never reconnects) or putting a sleep in until the computer is back performs the same. I think it is related to a computer unreachable that happens right after a computer comes back online. I'm still investigating.

  • Anyone know of a solution here. I have the a very similar issue. I'm forcing a group of machines into hibernation and the first batch gets stuck "reconnecting". It is obvious why the problem happens - the machine is hibernating - it can't respond. But I would like a way for the process to ignore the "down" status and just move on the hibernate the rest of the queue. Seems like their should be some way to "Don't check return codes" - just move on...

  • Obviously I never got a response back but I haven't looked back at this even though I've wanted to. Next week I will look into it and try and remember to report back so we can figure this out. I would also like a way for if Inventory does a wake-on-lan to do a scheduled scan for it to automatically turn it back off (but not machines that are already on).

  • Hi,

    I am experiencing a similar problem on a site that uses multiple HP T630 thin clients. They happily reboot, but PDQ Deploy seems to have issues recognizing that they are back up again so the deployment fails at the reboot step. The faster machines don't seem to run into these issues. 

    I didn't find any information what specifically PDQ Deploy probes for to acknowledge a finished restart, I think because the machine is so low powered, it accepts a connection by PDQ Deploy at the windows reboot but it then times out, letting PDQ Deploy wait till the reboot step "fails"


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