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Odd CPU load with PDQ Deploy console

When running in client mode PDQ deploy seems to take up quite a bit of CPU usage(~20% 6th gen i7 6700 ), but only when not minimized.

The even more curious bit is that the System process goes up with it each is taking up 15-20% CPU when PDQ Deploy is on screen. Minimize PDQ Deploy and CPU usage for the application goes to near nothing like PDQ Inventory.

Process explorer dosn't show anything of interest that I can tell. Has anyone else seen similar? I assumed it was some kind of hardware acceleration thing but we see the same issue on more than one graphics card running the latest drivers.

Edit: Seems to only happen to systems with AMD cards on my network, NVIDIA cards don't have this issue.
Edit: PDQ Deploy 17 Example



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  • Update on this, it's definitely something with GPU acceleration. Task manager shows GPU 2 -3D permanently when Deploy is up and only occasionally when Inventory is up. Something must be different between Inventory 16/5 and Deploy 17 for HW acceleration. I wish there was an off button for it.

  • I'm seeing 100% CPU usage constantly. Inventory is in the 70's Deploy in the 20's but they fluctuate between the two.

    Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor has 6 cores, PDQ is in VM with 2 cores.

  • If you aren't already on Deploy and Inventory, I highly recommend updating. If those versions don't fix your issue, please open a ticket with

  • Going to resurrect a dead thread, but this is still an issue today using 19.3.440.0 in both Inventory and Deploy. Seeing 18-25% CPU usage, and GPU0 (Intel Iris Xe) go from 4-5% to 30-55% usage while programs are running. Nothing I do changes this. I'm running a P16 Gen 1 with enough ponies that this should be trivial.