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Failed Windows Update report.

Can I generate a report with PDQ Inventory to Report on servers that have failed windows updates? Something similar to this:

Computer Name: Failed Patch Name: Date Attempted:



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  • I did some research, and came up with this:

    1. Create a WMI Scanner with this WQL:

    SELECT Message, ProductName, TimeGenerated FROM Win32_ReliabilityRecords WHERE SourceName = 'Microsoft-Windows-WindowsUpdateClient' AND Message LIKE '%failure%'

    enter image description here

    1. Create a Basic Report with these Columns:

      Computer | Name | Computer Name WMI (Failed Updates) | ProductName | Failed Patch Name WMI (Failed Updates) | TimeGenerated | Date Attempted

    Add the Message column if you'd like to see the full error message.

    enter image description here

    Add this filter if you want to narrow down the results to the last X days:

    WMI (Failed Upates) | TimeGenerated | After | 7 days ago

    enter image description here

    Here is my Scan Profile and Basic Report, if you want to import them instead: