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Agent Inventory/Install Right After Computer Boots UP

I have some computers, in PDQ that users turn off and scheduled scans and deployments sometimes are missed.

How Can I use the Agent to make this not happen?




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  • Unfortunately the agent is useless if the system is off, the only options are IT PT, Wake on LAN, some kind of AMT wake up, or scheduled BIOS wakeups. Our users have deep drive to conserve power as well, due to restrictions with our environment, we were unable to utilize wake on LAN.

    One of our strategies is to have all our important patching/scanning take place early in the morning. Since the majority of our systems are Dell we were able to use Dell Command Configure to build a deployable exe to configure a BIOS wake time before patching/scanning. I assume other vendors have similar options.

    Edit: Are heartbeat deployments not an option due to users needing to use the system? We combine heartbeat and schedule for our deployments to keep everyone patched.

  • Will the agent start scanning/ patching once the computer turns back on or will it wait for the next scheduled patch/scan?

  • That depends on how you set your scan profile. Under options and scan profiles, look at the standard profile and edit it. Under Triggers you can add heartbeat (if not already there), this will scan the machine if it goes offline and comes back. You could also just set it to scan every 1 day and it will scan at the next point it sees the machine after 1 day has elapsed since last scan.

    The heartbeat is triggered when an offline system comes online, if you set heartbeat in PDQ deploy it will deploy in the same way as mentioned above.

  • We are announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the optional PDQ Agent beta from our existing products. See this blog post for more information