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Search is terribly broken in new support forum.

Can anyone explain to me the reason for the sort ordering in searching on this forum? In my attached example I searched for the word "Office". Look at the results, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for the way the results are sorted.

Also, why can't we have the option to sort the results with our own options?

What kind of sorting is this?



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  • @RobertBasil thanks for the feedback.

    Search results are sorted based off their relevance. So very general searches return very general results.

    Also, don't worry, we're not holding features back from you - they just have to be implemented. I've added sort options as a feature request so now it's on the roadmap! For future requests / bugs, please submit them using the "Feedback" link in the header (this pings the developers directly).

  • While the name "Office" might have that keyword posted more in the message to make it more "relevant", but I'd rather not have the "Most Relevant" message be one from 9 years ago.