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Agent "Unavailable" on the majority of our installs.

Just started testing the Agent on a small subset of our network. As you can see by the attached screenshot the vast majority of the agents are listed as Unavailable.

Running 16.3

None of our endpoints are external.

The majority of the "Unavailable" agents are online.

Any idea why? Firewall is turned off on both the server and client.

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    We are announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the optional PDQ Agent beta from our existing products. See this blog post for more information

  • I can confirm this, every day i have new "unavailable" online clients.

    And it looks like that a unavailable client is not a temporary problem, he stays unavailable until i reinstall the client.

    Clients are not scanable and the unavailable number gets higher every day if i dont reinstall the clients

    Inventory 16.3

  • We are having the same issues - Agent goes back to "Internal" on reinstall but soon after becomes "Unavailable".

  • We definitely want to get this fixed. Can you all send in a support ticket ( so we can grab your databases and take a closer look?

  • I've had to uninstall the agents from all of the computers on our network because when a system is in "Unavailable" status no scans are completed on that workstation.

  • check the agent service on the client to see if it's failing. We had a similar issue and just changed group policy to have the service continue to restart after crashing. Short term fix.

    invoke-command computer {Get-Service -Name "PDQInventory*"}

    start it up if needed (we just built it as a tool in inventory invoke-command computer {Get-Service -Name "PDQInventory*" | Start-Service}

  • @Stevenv Can anyone post whether there has been a solution for this issue? We have the same problem with 16.4, but only for most (not all) of our Win7 machines; all of our Win10 machines are fine. I don't feel that the posted workarounds are feasible long-term solutions. This also appears to be a relatively recent issue, as we did not experience it with 16.1 or 16.2. So it seems like it's either related to .3 or .4 or perhaps related to a recent Windows Update.

  • Same. On 16.4

  • I have been working with Josh from tech support on this. On Tuesday he provided a link to build I installed it over 48 hours ago, and we have not seen the issue since. So I'd say that this problem is resolved in

  • We found that in our environment the agent service was not crashing, but failing to start after reboots because the PDQ service account did not have the "Log on as a service" permission. You should see event ID 7000 and 7041 in your Event Viewer if this is the case.

  • I just noticed I have a few people who installed the agent yesterday (just starting to use it for external people) and it scanned just fine. Today they show Unavailable. Only two so far and I'm on PDQ Inventory 16.5. All our users are on Windows 10.

    What does Unavailable mean?

  • Unavailable means the Agent is unable to contact your Server.

    There are some known issues with the Agent in Please contact for a Customer Build.

  • In addition to the agent goes "Unavailable" some of the agents shows External when they are actually sitting on our Internal VLAN, and somehow it didn't switch to Internal, and to fix that I have to reinstall the agent, then it shows up as Internal, and when the agent shows as External or Unavailable, all my software deployments are not being pushed out to those Agents, so I end up uninstall all the PDQ Agent, and it's not even worth troubleshooting as I don't see any gain between having the agent vs no agents.