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Going back to Manage Engine Desktop Central. Gonna miss you PDQ. :-(

Well, I finally give up. I can't keep having to ask PDQ to continually rebuild (or revert to a backup of) my corrupt SQLite databases. It used to be a few times a month, then a few times a week, and now it's daily.

Now I'm having problems even getting the system running to copy my custom deployment installs over to Desktop Central.


I REALLY wanted PDQ to work for us. I LOVE the software (when it works), I've spent a ton of time and a lot of hardware costs on multiple machines to split up the workload but unfortunately nothing I do can overcome the limitations of using SQLite.

Please let me know if you ever decide to offer a solution that will allow your customers to use an Enterprise database. We would be more than happy to pay 10 times the current price for a solution that works.

Let the downvotes rain on me.



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