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Suggestion for Auto-Download

Auto-Download is great, but it takes time for our DFS share to replicate.

I'd like Auto-Download to download the file, but wait a set amount of time before replacing the current version with the new one.

For example, we have it set at 4 days to automatically authorize and download the latest version. I happened to be on vacation, and no one else looked at the console to see this happening. When it downloaded, it automatically sent out using the schedule that was attached to the previous version.

This is great, and is what I'd like it to do normally, but one of the steps we had in the package was to remove the previous version before installing the latest one. Since the DFS hadn't replicated yet, what happened in production is that it removed the previous version, but didn't have the latest one to install, and that left the customers with nothing. It was a fun day when I got back.



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  • I like this idea. Allowing the Auto-Download/Auto-Deploy file to "download" the file a set amount of days beforehand but not actually install until the set day mark would be very helpful for my DFS Environment. Could potentially give my DFS 2-3 days to replicate out to all my sites. Especially helpful for the larger Windows Updates files.