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Connecting for days, and feature requests

Hey Guys -

I have a few sites that are on limited bandwidth, and it seems that much of the time PDQ Inventory will attempt to scan the machines there for days without timing out. If I come in on a Monday, I'll see most of my threads 'Connecting...' for 3 days. We've ran a port scan against these machines, the ports are open, the firewall is allowing them to go through. Settings are set for 10 mins timeout, 90 second WMI timeout, 20 concurrent scans. I've tried different scan users, and changed the Service Manager TCP Connection through all the settings but it didn't seem to help.

I also noticed that if during a scan the machine goes offline, it will also sit at 'Connecting...' or Returning Data forever.

Is there a way to get these threads to actually timeout after x amount of time instead of hanging?

Couple of feature requests that might make my life easier if possible 😃

Is it possible to maybe create a prioritization for deployments? Maybe something like, low, medium, high? For example, I have a test send that's been waiting in the queue for 30 mins which I want to go before all the others. Alternatively, I've had critical requests come in before all the previous sends are complete and I'd rather not cancel what's in progress so I can get these sends out.

Also, can there be a tab of all the 'current' deployments that are sending? I can look at the deployment tab to see everything, but it's not easy to drill down to what is actually sending this second.

Thanks for the great product guys!



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  • The connecting issue would probably be best handled in a support ticket,

    As for your requests, I will note them internally. Please note, I am unable to provide further information regarding the outcome of our feature decision process at this time.