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Retry Queue on Failed?

Is it possible to send something to the retry queue if it fails?

I have a bunch of steps that need to be run but one needs to run when the user is logged in, so when that step fails, is it possible to send it to the retry queue to do just that 1 step or even the entire thing over?



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  • I'm also looking for a way to do this. I wrote a simple script which asks the user if it's ok to run the update. The step will fail with exit code 999 if the user clicked no.

    Is there any way to do it, in my case the whole package, not only this one step?

  • I too need this functionality.  New to PDQ Deploy having used the free version and purchased the Enterprise license yesterday.  With so many laptops working remotely these days, connecting via VPN obtaining IP's that are dynamically assigned, I believe the current behaviour of sending targets to the retry queue when they are considered offline isn't sufficient.  I have failed deployments occurring where connectivity is spotty or the machine was detected as being online (deployment attempted) but failed because it wasn't actually reachable.  Rather than manually having to requeue failed machines to deploy, there should be a toggle that will automatically send failed deployments to the retry queue.  Thank-you

  • I came here looking for this. I have the same request as nfelbinger - I have a custom exit code (a critical application was running at the time of the deployment) and need to send the machine in the retry queue for later attempts.

    Is there a solution?


  • If you use a Schedule with "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" enabled on the Options tab, it will keep trying until the deployment is successful. If you update the package, make sure to clear out the Target History tab of the Schedule.

  • I agree, having only SOME failed deployments move to retry and not ALL makes no sense and really muddies the water...  I now have about 50 devices in the retry queue out of ~100 that failed...  I need to do manual retries, but that means it's possible a device will be hit twice if it retries from the queue and is successful...

    Would be great to get some actual input from PDQ on this!