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Best way to create a package for folder based installer ?


I want to deploy an app (Avira). I have an install foder which contains the main setup file (.EXE) and many support files used by the setup, some in sub-folders. I cannot add each file to the files list of the package as it would be a pain and and break sub-folders structure.

What is my best option ?

- creating a share and running my setup file from there

- copying the whole install folder on each target and running the setup from there (how ?)

- other ?


Thank you for any help



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  • Thank you for the tip ;-)

    My question was based upon a Command step situation but I suppose I can rather use an Install step which allows to define a whole directory for source files.

  • jep.. in install step you just point to main exe and check box Include Entire Directory.. thats it