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Brainstorming workarounds to PDQ agent removal

The most useful feature of the PDQ agent for us is that it live updates Current User whenever a change occurs. This has made finding our users when they call tremendously faster (what's your Name? vs SN IP Room number etc).

With the agent going away I'm brainstorming having something kick off a scan in PDQ Inventory to do a quick computer information scan at login / log off so that that value is updated.


I'm drawing a blank on a secure way to do this as the remote user would need permission to tell PDQ to kick off a scan if it was a logon/off script. I'm looking through the MDT guides trying to see if anything used in it's setup for remote deployment / scan would be similar but I'm not seeing what I'm after.

If anyone has a recommendation I would be super happy to read it.



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  • One way you can do that is to set up a web server with an API endpoint that accepts a computer name and uses PDQInventory.exe to start a scan for that computer. Then you can set up the Task Scheduler on each target machine to call that web server whenever a user logs into a target machine. I have some example code, but you should probably use a real web server if you want to do this in production.

  • This is gold, thank you.


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