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New devices

I've not seen this answered specifically, and I'm running the Trial, but this is vital. How do new devices get added to the system? I know I can run a Network Discovery, but I don't see any way to automate that. We constantly gain/lose devices every month, and I didn't want to babysit running the Discovery to get those new devices to show up. I see the Standard Scans can be automated, and that's great, but it doesn't say that it picks up in new devices in an IP range.

And, regarding the Agents, what are the scan options for those? The other software we use currently lets us choose how often the Agent scans, and then it auto-reports when it's able to reach the Server. What does the Agent do for PDQ? We're quickly becoming more mobile, and I'd like to keep devices up to date as much as possible.



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  • PDQ Inventory connects to Active Directory, at least for us, to pull in new devices.  I have ours running every 30 mins to pull anything that shows up new in AD.  If a new machine is built (which is about 30 minutes), then our instance of PDQ is set to send it any packages it's needing.

  • FYI, the agent is now EOL.

  • So they're not bringing it out of Beta? Dang. What kind of options are there for scanning a device that misses the scheduled scans? Let's say I have it setup for scan every two days. But someone comes in the office on the off-day, and isn't in the next day for the scan. Will it scan as soon as it hits the network since it missed a scan? Or it just waits until it's here in the office on a day the scan runs?

  • Then what you would want is what's called a Heartbeat scan.  When PDQ detects a 'heartbeat' of a computer added to the system, it can be setup to trigger events like a scan or deployment.

  • Great! Thank you.

    Last question. I see people have been asking for Warranty info for a couple years, but I've not seen a solution yet. Our Desktops are Dell, the Serial Number is already being scanned, but it would be nice to have a link to the Dell warranty page, but it inserts the serial number in the link.

    For instance,

    The only part that changes is after the /servicetag/  part.

    I see that MAC address, Memory, and Processor fields are links, can these be changed by us? Can I link the Field "Serial Number" to a web address based on the field?

  • Not a perfect solution as I didn't chase down anything better but I created a tool for launching the Dell warranty and automatically inputting the serial number of the asset in question:

     Powershell, runtype: local. 

    Start-Process "$(Computer:TARGETSERIALNUMBER)/warranty"