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How can I reset the inventory in All Computers?  I installed, went through the initial setup and I accidentally included my "grave yard" of old computers in addition to the active computers so instead of say 200 endpoints, I'm picking up around 500 which include computers we got rid of years ago.  How do I reset that? 





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  • In Preferences under Active Directory make sure that Mixed Sync is selected under Delete Mode. Also make sure to add your graveyard OU to excluded containers below.

  • Thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately, the OU has both old(dead) computers as well as new, I have not had time to clean all that up but I really need to do that.  Anyway, I had just installed this software yesterday and I really was looking to start all over again.  I found this old post from 6 years ago and the bit in bold did the trick.

    To remove the old OUs go to File > Preferences > Active Directory and uncheck the "Create Active Directory Collections" check box. It may take a few minutes to clear out the OUs.

    If you want to start from scratch stop the background service (also in Preferences). Close the Console. Go to %ProgramData%\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory and delete or rename the database.db file. When you open PDQ Inventory it will ask you to set up the service account again and then you can add the computers back into Inventory.

    Cheers - Kevin


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