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Scan profile Directory scanning to show directory size

Is there a way to show the directory size after a file and directory scan? I am trying to create a collection based on large local profile sizes. 




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  • Yop,

    of course you can. You just need to Scan to Files/Folders you want.

    1- Add a Scan Profile to scan when you want,

    2- or/and add it to "Standard" Scan Profile to do it automatically.

    And then create a collection to see the Files/Folders you want.

    Simple as that. PDQ is magic.



  • The settings shown do not give the result requested.

    Either the Scan profile is not getting all the files in the profile, or the collection parameters are only showing individual files above the configured size, not folders.

    Using that with a 10GB setting does not list a known 20GB profile folder.


    Likely because the default file scan only returns 2500 rows. The screenshot does not show this field.

    The 20GB example profile contains over 65000 files, which would be typical of the "large profile size" that is being asked for here.

    With large profiles or multiple users on a machine, across multiple machines, that is going to rapidly fill a database, this may be possible but not practical.

  • Confirmed that the answer given here does not produce any result. It will scan and produce a line for the users directory but no sizing info and doesn't dig any deeper in to the users directory whether its specified to scan Directory, File or Both.

    I'll look in to PS scripts but need to work on how to report on it in PDQ. Is it possible to request the boffins at PDQ R&D add in functionality to show directory sizing something like Treesize?