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4000+ unused files in repository

Not sure if I'm doing this right.

I have moved some folders containing deployments into our $(Repository) folder, but now, I have 4000+ 'unused files' in my repository.


- Created AutoCAD Deployment using their installer.
- Moved deployment folder to Repository.
- Created a package for AutoCAD installer.

Now Deploy shows that I have 1000s of files from within the AutoCAD folder that are 'unused'

Please let me know the best practice for storing folders like this and how to avoid seeing 'unused files' altogether?





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  • 2 options

    Option 1 - uncheck the box to show unused files warning

    Option 2 - Manage Exclusions and add the folder for AutoCAD.

  • Option 3:

    Set Repository path to \\Sharename\Repository

    Put non-PDQ supplied items in \\Sharename\Custom