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Force Windows 10 update 1803 to 1903

Hello Guys !

We have 300 PC's still running Windows 10 1803 with personnal image

We would like to create a package for update windows 10 1803 to 1903 (not a new installation with a ISO, without WSUS just the windows update).

If anyone has any suggestions ?

Thanks so much.




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  • We did this with the standard ISO with the following command line

    setup.exe /auto upgrade /DynamicUpdate enable /noreboot /quiet


    Had 2 have 2 different versions 32, 64bit


    Success rate was about %80. 1903 can fail for a lot of reasons, disk space, old drivers, because its tuesday :-)  


  • Can you provide a little more detail on this?  Newbie for PDQ and using it for 1809 --> 1903 is what I want to learn how to do.


  • Hi,

    I put ISO build 1903 in the Repository files and I make a new package with a command step  but after many test with many PC, it doesn't work yet.

    I always try another command for setup but it the same (setup.exe /Auto Upgrade /MigrateDrivers All /ShowOOBE none /Compat IgnoreWarning)

    Best regards.



  • OK, screen shot shows you are using the wrong step type i think. We used the install step type and made sure 'include entire directory' is checked.

    that way the installer downloads the entire installation to the machine. 


  • OK, I Try it with a new package with step instal but always bad :


  • No, thats very different, you have an error code it means the package likely got down to the machine but the windows installation itself has failed, before it never even started.

    Googling that error message can help. it returns a lot of results, incompatible app installed. could be an old/bad driver

    Also looking in the c:\windows~BT folder for error logs will help pinpoint the issue. i believe from memory the logs are in the panther folder underneath there with error xml files you can look and see what has gone wrong. Maybe even Google 'Win 10 upgrade error logs' to give you the exact path


    We're now away from an issue with PDQ - thats working fine, and its now a troubleshooting issue of the Windows install itself.

  • here's a screenshot of my 64bit package. We suppress the reboot for package we deploy during the day with the /noreboot switch. then have a job at night that reboots them

  • Hi, thank you very much for help me.

    After Googling, I find this :

    Unknown Error Code -1047526904 (Incompatible apps present in the system is blocking the upgrade).

    Trend micro office scan is the culprit :

    Everything seems to work well :)