PDQ Inventory 18.1 check for new version failed

Getting a failure notice when PDQ Inventory checks for a new version while running/at startup.

Just installed the 18.x update a few minutes ago, have tried restarting the program a couple of times.

Anyone else seeing this?



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  • If this is still happening to you, please reach out to support@pdq.com. The update check is working on our end.

  • Shon, are you using a proxy, perhaps?

    I have the same problem.

  • My issue ended up being I needed to whitelist services.pdq.tools in my web filter, it was being blocked.

  • I too have this problem - With BOTH PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy :-/
    The issue came, when I updated from 17.x to 18.1 (Inventory and Deploy)...

    And now all my packages in PDQ Inventory - that should get autoapproved within the next 7 days - have/get a red circle and an exclamation mark inside... ??? (probably caused by the same connection issue...)

    NB: For this version update, I had to run the installers (Inventory & Deploy) manually - beforehand the updates could be initated from within the programs (as far as I remember)

  • Torben Hauge

    Please update to It contains fixes for a couple of bugs that can cause this issue. If it doesn't fix the issue, please contact support@pdq.com




  • Thank you, Colby.  I was having the same issue and your links worked for me.

  • Thank you, Colby Bouma !!!

    The update to did the trick :-)
    The warnings from both PDQ Inventory and PDQ Deploy are now gone + the packages are downloading; and the red exclamation mark disappears, when the downloads of each package is completed.

    Thanks for the very quick response !!!

  • I had the same issue and manually updating did not resolve the problem.  I added my server to "Internal Ignores" in our web filter and that did the trick.  I probably could have whitelisted "services.pdq.tools" as suggested above, but I just decided to do it a different way.  


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