Can PDQ get inventory from vCenter folders?



  • Sean Paczesny

    Are these machines in a separate domain?  Or are they free standing?

    I've got my Web environment machines in their own domain and I'm able to scan those using a different account from that domain.

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  • Eric McClure

    Hi Sean,

    So the machines I'm trying to target in vCenter aren't on a domain.  They're in a workgroup.  The vCenter is in a different domain than the PDQ server, but I can access the vCenter from that domain that PDQ is in.  Is there a way I can have some sort of step/script in PDQ that will somehow login to the vCenter, get the specific folder(s) inventory and somehow add them as a target list?  The machines are normally powered off, so if the script can also power them on that'd be ideal as well.  It'd be a lot better than powering each machine on manually, gathering the IP and then running the scripts against them.  The idea is to automate as much as possible and eventually have it on a schedule.


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