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Firewall Status on all PC's?

I know this is probably a dumb question but is there a way to tell which PC's in my company have the firewall turned on/off? I notice under scanning options for PC's, there is a "Windows Firewall Configuration" but I cannot for the life of me figure out where to see those results once the scan is completed.


Thanks for any help!



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  • I believe you have to scan a different place in the registry to get that information.

    1. Save these as XML files:
    2. Go to File --> Import in Inventory and import all 3 files.
    3. Scan your computers with the Firewall Status Scan Profile.
    4. Click on "Firewall profile(s) disabled - Collection" to see which computers have 1 or more profiles disabled.
    5. Run "Firewall profile(s) disabled - Report" to see which profiles are disabled.