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Check Broken Shorcuts (Logged on User)


A simple tool I use to check broken shorcuts on remote computers, for the logged on user.

You can modify "$env:USERPROFILE" if needed and adjust comments from French.



$Shortcuts = Get-ChildItem -Recurse $env:USERPROFILE\desktop\ -Include *.lnk

$Shell = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell
foreach ($Shortcut in $Shortcuts)
$Properties = @{
ShortcutName = $Shortcut.Name
Path = $Shortcut.FullName
ShortcutDirectory = $Shortcut.DirectoryName
Target = $Shell.CreateShortcut($Shortcut).targetpath
New-Object PSObject -Property $Properties

$retour = Foreach ($Shortcut in $Shortcuts)
{Test-Path $Properties.Target}

If ($retour -eq $false){
Write-Output "Raccourcis invalides ! :("

Write-Output "Pas de mauvais raccourcis trouves ! :)"



Screenshots :


Good Output :


Bad output :


Enjoy !





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