Decyphering Deploy Output Logs

Good day,

I'm working on troubleshooting some problematic installs for Autodesk products and a few dozen other programs.  I've been attempting to get both the output logs from the products and from PDQ Deploy. 

I came across this post from a couple of years ago:

PDQ Deploy Output logs

as a way to parse through the output files to find the ones I needed.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem accurate. 

The script mentioned does provide some info but I can't relate that back to the list of logs I have available.  From what I understand, I should be able to find the 6 digit entry in one of the output file names. My files start with a time stamp, a 4 digit then a GUID of some sort.  Here's an example:


Nothing in there relates to the machine, step or ID that I can tell.  Granted I could uncompress the files around the time the deployment was running but we have 3 different folks running deployments across 4 time zones on this machine.  It is difficult to find the EXACT file we need for a particular step failing. 


Thanks for any help at all. 




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