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Collection for systems with and without a Font installed?

I replicated a collection in PDQ Inventory for one I saw on a KB here and many computers, not all, with the font show up in the same "Contains" and "Does Not Contain" collections I made.

I just want to see what computers do not have the font installed. 

The Font is called "Heroic Condensed" and when it's installed there are multiple files it is comprised of due to variations of the font.  It doesn't have a space in the filenames.

This computer for example shows in the "Contains" collection as well as "Doesn't contain" collection.

I've browsed to Files & Directories and searched the partial font name. 

Am I missing something silly here or is this just not possible? 



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  • John,

    This definitely should be possible, and I've tested in my environment with a different font and it works fine for me. Just to verify, you have added C:\Windows\Fonts\ to your scanner, right?

  • Yes I just called the scan profile "Fonts" and the target folder is %WINDIR%\Fonts\*

  • What version of PDQ Inventory are you running? I'm doing virtually the same thing you are with the scanner and collection and mine is working. Weird.

  • John,

    What are the triggers for your "Fonts" scan profile? If you have only scanned that one computer with that scan profile, that would explain why it's showing up in both collections. The second collection that you showed is saying "show me all computers where not every font contains 'HeroicCondensed'". The only computers that would be excluded from that collection would be the computers with only fonts containing 'HeroicCondensed' or computers with no fonts at all. Basically, every computer will show up in your second collection with those filters.

    You will probably need to add triggers for your "Fonts" scan profile or add the file scanner for Fonts into your standard profile. After you have done that, I would manually trigger the scan on a set of computers and see if that improves your scans.

    Also, if you actually want the second collection to return the inverse of the first collection, you should change the conditions to be like this, just swap my font name for yours:

  • @Luke Nichols,

    Sorry for the delay. Thanks, that did the trick and should be all I need for the purposes of the font deployment. 

    Thank you!