Convert dynamic collection to static

Would it be possible to add a right-click context menu for a dynamic collection to "convert to static collection"?



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  • I will submit an internal feature request, but I have no ETA on when/if it will be implemented.

    To help improve the chances of this being implemented, please explain your intended use case in as much detail as possible.

  • Matt,

    If you want a workaround to do this in the meantime, you could do the following:

    1. Create a report that contains only computer name
    2. Run that report against the dynamic collection that you want to convert and save as a CSV
    3. Create static collection
    4. Import computers
    5. Navigate to the CSV file

    This takes less than a minute to do. Obviously it would streamline the process if your requested feature were implemented, but at least you have a method that will work for now.

  • My specific use case is that I work with a lot of (deepfreeze) frozen machines. A lot of times, packages/changes I push out are making changes that don't necessarily make it easy to query for (BIOS changes, remote re-image through SCCM, remotely check for security updates, etc). I do a lot of re-imaging to approximately 2000 student computers every year.

    What I usually have to do is create two collections, one static and one dynamic. The dynamic will query A/D for all computers in/under a specific OU (for example) with all my exclusions and what not. I then highlight all the machines and drag/drop them into my static collection, then delete the dynamic collection.

    I use these static collections as my "to do list". As I re-image them or modify their BIOS remotely I just remove them from the static collection since it's probably not worth the time to try and figure out an appropriate dynamic-collection-filter to distinguish between a machine that I've touched and one that I haven't yet.

    That's why I was thinking about making my initial dynamic collection and then just right-click->convert-to-static

  • Another workaround: Select all of the computers in your Dynamic Collection, then click New Static Collection. That will add all of the selected computers to the Members side of the window.

  • I would also like this feature.  A use case I just came across:

    I have a dynamic group that shows machines that haven't had a package run successfully against them yet (to connect to a Deploy schedule), and a separate dynamic group showing the successful package pushes.  I realized I messed up & missed something in the package, but the mistake only affects a subset of computers.  I made a sub dynamic collection under the "successful" collection that grabs only the messed up computers (based on computer name "starts with").  But then I realized I need a way to have a static listing of those computers so that I can keep track of the ones that still need done, provided they wouldn't all be online at the same time.  I'll use one one of the workarounds you mentioned Colby Bouma but having a right-click button to do a simple conversion would be super neato.


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