Adding Computers in Dynamic Collection with Different IPs


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  • Luke Nichols


    Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you want to do, but yes, there is a simple way to do this with a dynamic collection.

    You could do this by setting the top-level group filter of your dynamic collection to "Any" and then assigning all of your matching value filters underneath. Here is an example of several different ways to filter IPs, depending on how the IP ranges you are working with break down:

    If none (or very few) of your IP addresses are sequential, then I recommend that you do this with a regex filter like this:

    ...And for copy & pasting, here is the actual value for the filter:


    Basically, your filter begins with ^( and ends with )$ and you just put each IP address in between with a pipe character ( | ) in between each one. Don't put a pipe at the beginning or end.

    It is worth noting that PDQ Inventory doesn't handle computers with multiple IP addresses well at all. It basically only stores the one IP address that it determines to be the "correct" one in the Computers table, so if you have a laptop that is e.g. on a docking station with both a wired and a wireless IP address, it will only return one of those IP addresses. I wish they would move to storing the IP addresses in the NIC table instead so that they could use several, but I recognize that this is a niche problem that most PDQ users won't experience.

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