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Linux Support

PDQ Inventory has been around quite a while now (and I've been using it for years) and does a really good job of collecting server and workstation data but you are still missing a key component of Enterprise networks: support for Linux. I don't (necessarily) mean being able to deploy to them and run remote commands, even though that would be nice, but at least the ability to scan and report on them from an Inventory perspective. We join all of our machines to one of our AD domains so credentials aren't a problem for us, but even in organizations where joining to the AD domain isn't done a scan-user setting can be configured to query them (like is already done for non-domain joined Windows machines). 

Can you please get this in the next major version?



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  • I too would love for our products to support additional OSs such as Linux, MacOS, Cisco IOS, etc. However, it would take an enormous amount of work to rewrite our products to support that. I'm not saying it'll never happen, but it's definitely not going to happen soon. I'm going to keep pushing for it though :)

  • It doesn't have to be all at once, incremental works very well too. Start with Linux, then in a version or two (when that one is just right) add MacOS, and so on. Even just the ability to scan the machines for not just up/down, but packages installed, users in various local groups, and resource allocation (i.e. cores and RAM and drives) is fantastic.

  • What about using PowerShell to scan Linux machines? Now that PowerShell is available for all major Linux distros and has lots of the same commands as Windows, it should be easier to interface via that. 

  • Adding a +1 to this request regarding a Linux powershell scanner.