installation of SAP Crystal report with PDQ Deploy



I'm trying to create my package for SAP Crytal report and I cannot get it right.


The free version of SAP Crytal can be install silently from an admin command line like this

setup.exe -r answerfile


so I start with this infromation to create my package 

the install file being: path\setup.exe

parameters: -r answerfile.ini


the installation start and succeed but do nothing, take about 9 second, this is to fast to do something


Is some one here succedd installing SAP crystal report and willing to help?





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  • Charles,

    Exactly what program are you trying to deploy? Is it SAP Crystal Reports Viewer?

  • Yes exactly, the viewer , that can be download from here (

  • Assuming your .ini file is in the same location as your setup.exe, and you're running it off a network share, you would probably need to use one of these settings too:

    1)Add the ini file to the "additional files" list for that step, if that's the only other file it needs


    2)Check the checkbox for "Include Entire Directory" if there are other files needed too.


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