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Using PDQ Deploy to update Windows 7 computers to Windows 10


Currently have a handful of computers still on Windows 7 & have been trying to use PDQ Deploy to create packages using the Windows in place upgrade to update all of them to Windows 10.  For the most part, a little more than half of them were successful in upgrading.  However, every now & then we have some computers where the deployment status in PDQ Deploy will say 'Successful', but the actual computer seems to not have upgrade & still stays on Windows 7.  Was wondering if anyone knew any reason for this or perhaps logs I can check.  Any help regarding this will greatly be appreciated.



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  • This is because actually running the Upgrade file finished successfully, but during the reboot and subsequent upgrade steps a different issue popped up to cause the upgrade to fail. Because PDQ has no way to know what is happening during a reboot or while the device is offline (which it is through most of the upgrade process), it can't tell you what is happening.

    You should be able to find ample information on what caused the failure in the Windows event logs, or in the upgrade logs (on mobile right now, so I can't point to them, sorry). Instances like this are exactly why pushing major updates/upgrades through PDQ isn't encouraged - PDQ does its job great, but once that computer restarts there's no other information coming back to PDQ.