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multiple installations of the same app


PDQ reports that different versions of the same application are installed. 

However, in Windows Control Panel, it shows just the latest version.

This is only happening to Preform as far as I'm aware. Is there an easy way to prevent this?



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  • What does the Registry Path field show for that application? (you might have to scroll to the right)

  • @..., thanks for the reply.

    Here is the path...


  • The installer for that application should be cleaning those up. You can write a PowerShell script to do it yourself, but I'd recommend submitting a bug report to that vendor.

  • @..., thanks. I'll submit the bug to the vendor. In the meantime, can you give me some pointers as to what the PowerShell script might look like?

  • Run this as the first step of your package. If you run it after the install, it will wipe out the key that the install just created and Inventory will show that 0 versions are installed :)

  • Awesome! Works perfectly. Thanks @...

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  • I'm late to this party but have a similar problem. I'm building a dynamic collection of PCs with an application that is not up to date. I want to include PCs that have one installation of the application and it is not current. Or have more than one installation and none of them are current.

    It looks like PDQ is looking at all the installations and if any are not current the PC gets included in the collection.

    Any suggestions?